Free parking is available behind the clinic. We share a parking lot with other businesses.

Turn left onto Princes Street immediately after the clinic and take an immediate left into the parking lot.

The three parking places marked "96/Backworks" in white paint are used for clinic parking only. Parking is on a first come first serve basis, please do not double park anyone and do not use any other parking places other than those marked with "Backworks/96" or you risk being ticketed/towed without notice.

You will not be tickeded/towed as long as you have an appointment, are in the correct parking spot and are not double parked. Free parking is valid during your scheduled appointment time only. Please do not walk off to the shops prior to or after your appointment or after or you risk being ticketed/towed.

Plenty of additional parking is available at Sainsbury's across the street and in the town centre.

Regrettably, we have had to hire a vehicle removal/parking enforcement company to deal with nuisance parking to ensure our clients have available parking.

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